UT2004 servers

Here are some of the servers regularly used by FFI members :


It's a popular RPG invasion server,  with new a lot of new monsters, with the emergence of BOSS, two new weapons (zen benelli and mp5), and new sounds with "mutate zounds". Of course you'll have to wait a long time the first time you'll join this server because of the new files.




It's a classic invasion instagib server (with official monsters only) as we like in the FFI. For the older players in UT2004, it's the same as the ***GBC***Ghost Board invasion server. But there are also some others mods : iDM, TDM,TAM, team invasion... It's a french server, and I know the admin, so if you have suggestions for the server, do not hesitate to tell me and I will ask him to change what you want. This server doesn't need downloads (or almost) so it's easy to join. This server is not very popular, but I often play with others players each sunday form 5h30 p.m. GMT+1 (french time), so if you are interested, don't hesitate to join us and to try to beat the masters of invasion ! 






Here is a popular Ballistic Weapons server, which uses the v2.5 of the mod, and others weapons packs made by the community, and numerous other downloads, so it's very very very long to download (maybe about 1 hour...) . So I strongly recommend you to download first the mod "Ballistic weapons" here, to significantly reduce the downloads during the loading. The Ballistic Weapons mod with the weapons pack adds about 80 new weapons, more reallistic, with new blood effects. The server has a lot of new maps too. It's a very good server, do not hesitate to try it !





GOOD OLD DAYS- powered by PondRepair gmbH

 IP adress :

max players : 13

It's an instagib invasion server with new special shock rifle, and numerous new monsters. This server has the "mutate zounds".

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