Team members

The FFI team was composed of 22 members since it was created, but the most of them leaved the team or don't play anymore to UT2004. Here is the list of all the members of the team in order of their arrival in the team (current and former) :

- ~{FFI}~Achille (creator of the team, this is me)

- ~{FFI}~Shark (current nicknameĀ : KieMsa')

- ~{FFI}~Progotil

- ~{FFI}~G()llum

- ~{FFI}~Maxirider

- ~{FFI}~Bast.::

- ~{FFI}~Enix

- ~{FFI}~Blk-Phoenix

- ~{FFI}~Dark dragon

- ~{FFI}~Calagan

- ~{FFI}~Cyberking

- ~{FFI}~Snowblack

- ~{FFI}~Goldwing

- ~{FFI}~Leemooby

- ~{FFI}~Nebilim

- ~{FFI}~Anakin

- ~{FFI}~Gaga

- ~{FFI}~Superom

- ~{FFI}~Sux[x]or

- ~{FFI}~Thor

- ~{FFI}~Sark

- ~{FFI}~Ayuna (the only girl of the team)

- ~{FFI}~Soldat

- ~{FFI}~Necro'

- ~{FFI}~-Shadows-

As you can see, there's not a lot of active players currently, that why the team is recruting. For those who would like to play with FFI players, you can add these nicknames to your friend list in UT2004, but add them a second time with "(FR)" behind their nikname ( for example : ~{FFI}~Achille (FR) ) because in some servers, the nationality is added automatically.

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