Downloads for UT2004

Here you can find some links to downloads assets made by players and modders, for players, in UT2004, so if you have the game and you want to see new things in it, go to these websites to discover new maps, skins, mods, mutators...

First of all, this is the link of my account on the website Mediafire, where you can downloads files I regrouped (I didn't create them, but only regroup some interesting small files hard to find on the others websites), which are used by the members of the FFI team (especially their skins) :

Here is the list of different pack I made (I just gathered downloads already existing, I didn't create anything) :

Achille-monsterpack v1.1 : contains the following monster packs (very used in the invasion RPG servers, so you should join them faster) :  MonsterPackINIv3, BossWaves v1.6, Dragon v2, Alienfixed, Predator addon2, Lucifer, DoomMonsterPack, 2009Raptorv3.

achillemappack v1.9 : contains some famous maps, and one map created by an FFI (Snowblack) : ONS-Torlan-[PhoenixParadise].ut2, ONS-AlbatrossSanctuary.ut2, ONS-AirMars.ut2, DM-Magiclosttemple.ut2, DM-Coliseum2k4.ut2, DM-Campgrounds2004-G1E.ut2, DM-BikiniBottoM.ut2, AS-Overlord.ut2, AS-Osaka.ut2, ONS-Ascendancy_ECE.ut2, ONS-Icarus.ut2, DM-Sanctum2-SE.ut2, DM-WrathoftheGods2K4.ut2, DM-Dust2k5.ut2, DM-Forbidden.ut2, DM-Grinder2k4.ut2, DM-TDB-Aztec.ut2, CTF-FXero.ut2, ONS-Aridoom.ut2, DM-INV-HoldTheCamp.ut2, DM-Halcyon2k4.ut2.

mutators-perso v1.4: contains some useful mutators : chute, Aerial view (fly mutator, 3rd person view, boost of jumping, Necromancy v2, Team Invasion v1 beta, RainbowShockRiflev3.

skinsffiteampack v1.3 : contains all the skins used by the FFI members : Vanity, Abyss, Sasori , 48 perso, Kosmos, Brazen2, Dark Vador, Blade, Agent Smith, SnowSkin.

*** IMPORTANT *** To install my packs after to have downloaded them, you simply have to use a software which can extract 7z files (WinRar or 7zip), and to open the packs with this software to extract in the game folder, ex : C:\Unreal Anthology\UT2004 or C:\Program files\UT2004.

Here is a french website very interesting where you can find a lot of files for the entire serie of Unreal games :

Some others websites where you can find a lot of different files about UT2004 : ; ; (these 3 websites are not updated anymore so you won't find new files on it).

This one is a modder's website, with all his creations, and a lot of files for the mod invasion (new monsters, mutators...) :

This is the official website for the famous mod "Ballistic Weapons" :

And here are all the new contents for the mod Ballistic Weapons :


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